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Quality Policy JPNT



Terengganu Forestry Department is committed to provide efficient and effective in Production Management for Sustainable Timber for Natural Inland Forest in the Permanent Forest Reserve in order to be implemented on time, rules and regulations to meet customer needs.

Terengganu Forestry Department believes this can be achieved through the implementation of a work culture that meets the requirements of MS ISO 9001: 2008 at all levels of staff in the implementation of an effective quality management system with a strong commitment from top management down to the lower level.

Terengganu Forestry Department will identify from time to time in the organization's weaknesses and take measures to improve the involvement of all workers to continuously improve Quality Management System Terengganu Forestry Department.

The head of division / unit will monitor and review the performance of the actual implementation of quality objectives set out under the terms of reference as well as their responsibilities and take immediate action when performance does not reach the performance objectives set.

Quality Policy will be regularly reviewed and updated so that it is always appropriate.

Quality policy communicated to be understood by all members of the organization.