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Activities “PERSUKAT Bowling Challenge 2015”

On 23 November 2015, the Association of Sports and Welfare State Forestry Department (PERSUKAT) held activities “PERSUKAT Bowling Challenge 2015” at the U-Bowl, Mesra Mall, Kemaman, Terengganu. The aim of the competition is to fill the pipeline of the annual sports activities planned by PERSUKAT. The opening ceremony of the competition is run by the South Terengganu District Forest Office. There are two events, which is men group and woman group. There are 11 teams that involved in the competition. The State Forest Headquarters, Southern District Forest Office and District Forest Office North sent three representatives by each group, two team of men and one teams of woman. The Western District Forest Office only sent two men teams. For the men event, the champion is he the Northern District Forest Office, while second and third place was won by Headquarters. Next, for the woman event, the champion is also held by the Northern District Forest Office, second place was won by the South District Forest Office and third place was won by Headquarters. In addition, the annual PERSUKAT activities also strengthen the relationship between the regional forestry department officers with another forest officer from other areas and can also create a healthy lifestyle among the staff that involve in the sport activities.

Bowling 2