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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Here is the denial to the Integrated Portal:

You must understand and agree that the State Secretary (SUK TRG) have made errors in this portal. Your use of the Service is entirely under your own liability and risk. Services are provided primarily on an "AS IS" ("AS IS") and "AS AVAILABLE" ("AS AVAILABLE"). State Secretary (SUK TRG) fully and clearly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implemented. State Secretary (SUK TRG) make no warranty that; 

(i) Integrated Portal State uninterrupted and free from error.

(ii) The validity and accuracy of the contents, information, service or other material offered.

(iii) Integrated Portal State, service or E-mail sent from or their representatives are free from viruses and harmful components.

You are also reminded that the State Secretary (SUK TRG) is inseparable from mistakenly attributed to weakness portal, thus you are reminded that no material be downloaded or obtained by other means through the use of services provided is done by the will yourself fully and that you shall be fully responsible for any damage to your computer system, loss of data resulting from the transfer of receivables in respect of any material, whether due to natural disasters, communications failure, theft, and the inability to achieve records, computer programs or services by the State Secretary (SUK TRG).