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JPNT Objective

  1. To manage the forest resources sustain ably for the continuous production of forest goods and services and their optimum utilization, compatible with environmental requirements.
  2. To increase the supply of forest goods and services through appropriate forestry activities that enhances the quality, productivity and utilization of the forest resources.
  3. To further develop appropriate environmentally sound technology for the conservation, management and utilization of the forest resources.
  4. To conserve and protect the forests biological diversity, water and soil, and their sustainable utilization.
  5. To increase the quality and efficiency of the forest-based processing mills and enhance higher value added downstream activities.
  6. To strengthen human resource development (HRD) to support the forestry sector.
  7. To improve public awareness on the environmental and conservational roles of forests through education and dissemination of information.
  8. To increase the forestry sector’s contribution to national income, foreign exchange earnings and employment opportunities.