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Agarwood Plantation

View Farm in Forest Merchang Karas,Terengganu. 

Agarwood comes from the Sanskrit word 'order' which means heavy wood (sink) tree produces resin or resin that has a very fragrant aroma when burned. Sandalwood is known for more than 20 name as agaru, aloewood, so wood, eagle wood, chen xiang, oud and others. But is better known in the market is agarwood, aloewood or eagle wood. In Asian countries, there are about 15 known species of aloes, but the most popular is related to agarwood species Aquilaria malaccensis, of families Thymeleaceae.

In 2005, the Terengganu State Forestry Department has taken the initiative to explore the field of new wealth by setting up farm Merchang Karas Forest Reserve with an area of 47 acres and has planted 40,000 trees to sink. The pilot project is intended to be a source of ba ru to generate revenue in addition to being an exemplary project in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Research Center was established Karas also aims to make the study: -

     • Review produces techniques and Winery Inokulen

     • K spell about the types of diseases and treatments

     • Further study of the suitability of the soil and the type of fertilizer.

     • Study to eliminate A.MANGIUM

     • Review of future returns (IRR)

'The Karas' Product of the Terengganu State Forestry Department.

In addition, the department has produced a herbal health drink products using tree leaves to sink, cassia and teja sarsi.

Any questions regarding farm and Tea Karas Karas, please contact:

Encik Mohd Hadre bin Mohamad (Penolong Pengarah (Silvikultur & Perlindungan Hutan))
 Phone Number: 09 - 6274153 (Office Hours).